Simplify Your Life

Strong Magnetic Attraction, Securely Merged with Your Phone

1200g 5 times magnetic force,no need to worry about weak magnets causing the power bank to fall anymore

Global Tracking

Veger X5 built-in Apple-certified location tracking. Once connected a phone, it enjoys the AirTag's finding feature. If lost, you can find it even across the ocean. Plus, its built-in backup battery lasts for three months.

Beyond 50m Get Notified

Hear it, Find it

Hands-Free Viewing Anytime You Want

The versatile hidden stand of the Veger X5 adjusts from 0 to 90 degrees, allowing you to place your phone as you please. Whether watching videos horizontally or video calling vertically, our stand easily adapts with 0-90° flexibility. Plus, it's durable — tested for over 3000 folds and still good as new

Iconic Style

Why VEGER X5 is The Best?