Power Charging Solutions

Founded in 2013, VEGER is an industry leader in mobile charging solutions, specializing in portable power banks and high-quality chargers. Backed by experienced factories and premium materials, combining innovative design and high technology, VEGER is well known for its reliable products, premium service, and affordable prices and sold in over 110 countries worldwide.


Safe | Reliable | Affordable

It's not a coincidence that VEGER Power has grown to be one of the top 5 global brands for power banks. We’ve been dedicated to providing maximum value backed by high-quality products and premium service to our customers. Our Shenzhen-based design team combines the latest technology with years of customer feedback to create products that don’t only meet user's minimum requirements, but also become an extension of their productivity. Every company has a statement about excellent supply chain, but the execution doesn't match. VEGER really does, through words and deeds , everything we can do to help our customers and partners. We strive to offer the most reliable devices at affordable prices that value the customer's need for service and support.

“Everything has become a problem when the battery is low. At VEGER, we power them up.”


What if we could build a better technology company? That was the question VEGER founder Tony LU had been kicking around. But what would that really mean? Great products, sure, but a new take on customer service and access to information would set VEGER apart.