Anuj - May 2 2022

How to choose a suitable power bank for travel in 2022

M ost of us are addicted to our gadgets for communication, entertainment, making payments and other vital purposes in this modern era,. It’s not a bad thing either. For tourists or travelers, gadgets like cameras, Smartphones & tablets are particularly great because of their light weight and small dimensions and essential multimedia capabilities. 

However, they tend nothing more than dead weight if they run out of juice. Due to this reason, most travelers prefer to carry power banks to keep their devices active at anytime anywhere without any hassle. Power Banks comes in different size, weights & capacities. Without taking too much space in your backpack, these power houses can juice up your gadgets for a long time. To make sure if you get good deal, here are some vital points you need to consider while choosing a power bank for traveling:

Choose the right capacity best fit for you

More capacity or mAh in your power bank means the more energy inside to charge your devices multiple times. With that in mind, you must be wondering why not pick the one with biggest capacity. Well, it’s not that simple because the batteries that carry more power also weigh more and generally large in size, which is not suitable for traveling. If you are carrying devices with battery capacity of 5000mah each or less, a power bank with 20000mah capacity & multiple charging ports is best fit in this situation without adding much weight in your luggage. Most individuals, charge their power banks overnight, but in case if you find yourself strapped in time limits, make sure to pay attention to charging speed of power bank as well.

Output of all power banks are not same

The optimal charging output for your smaller gadget is 2AMP. There are latest Smartphones available in markets that supports PD/QC 3.0 fast charging. So make sure that power bank you are going to purchase does support fast charging or else it will take ages until your Smartphone is fully loaded and ready to go. 

Check the available number of ports in power bank

A power bank with multiple charging ports including Type C (PD/QC) and QC 3.0 USB port allows you to charge 2-3 devices simultaneously.  So if you are carrying multiple gadgets with you for communication or entertainment, you can juice them at the same time. Also, in case, if 1 port fails over time due to unavoidable circumstances, you can always switch to other one and there you go, problem solved. 

Stick to those power bank built from premium material

Make sure the power bank you purchased made up of quality material and must have safety features to protect your gadgets from excessive current, overheating and overcharging. Cheap power banks not only damage your devices but also not safe to use and tend to not last as long as compared to premium power banks. 

Prefer the power bank with built in cables and multiple charging ports

Built in charging cables power banks are best fit for travelers. In this way you can save some space and reduce the trap of wires in your backpack. Make sure to buy the one with different charging cables (type c, lightning, micro usb etc.) so that it can be compatible with all the devices your are carrying.  


Power Bank is an essential source of power for charging your gadgets. The major benefit of using portable power bank is their ability of offering stable power in times of need especially during traveling. We recommend you to consider all vital points discussed above while choosing one of them in order to meet your needs and expectations without any concern.