What to Consider When Purchasing Wireless Power Banks

Discover key factors to consider for wireless power banks—certification, safety, overcharging protection, and the latest magnetic models.

If you're in the market for a wireless power bank, there are several factors you should keep in mind to ensure you get the best device to fit your needs. After all, many choices exist, and you'll want to know you're spending your money in the right places.

Within this quick-fire guide, we're diving into the technical side of things. This is what you need to know, what you should look for, and how to make the best decision when purchasing your next wireless power bank.

Let's get into it.

Check the Certification

Not all wireless chargers are created equal.

The best modern power banks are Qi-certified and wireless and will be officially certified as so.

This certification guarantees compatibility with your Qi-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Accreditation also means that the charger has been specifically developed for your smartphone, which ensures a seamless operation without compromising your device's features and capabilities.

While shopping, look for compatibility icons for your specific smartphone model.

Also, keep an eye out for key international safety standards, including FCC, CE, RCM, BSMI, EAC, KC, and UL Listed, among others. These ensure the charger adheres to legal safety guidelines, guaranteeing safe emissions levels and manufacturing with non-hazardous materials.

Ensure Water-Resistance

While some smartphones claim water resistance or even waterproof capabilities, most wireless chargers do not share this trait. Always check to make sure this is the case.

However, it's probably best to remember that, as with all electrical devices, exposure to liquid can be hazardous. Just make sure both your phone and power bank are dry before connecting them to each other.

Overcharging and Voltage Surge Protection

Most power banks are designed to trickle charge your device, ensuring your phone battery remains fully charged at all times. This makes it safe to leave your device on the charging pad overnight or for extended periods.

However, quality chargers are equipped with intelligent microchips or 'smart chips' that only deliver the precise amount of power that your smartphone requires.

And even though the charger is connected to a wall outlet, which can be affected by lightning strikes and other power surges, the wireless power bank cannot pass increased voltages onto your smartphone, making wireless charging safer.

Foreign Object Detection

The best quality wireless power banks have a foreign object detection feature.

If an object like keys or coins is placed on the charging pad, the charger will stop emitting power and usually alert the user with an LED light. This prevents damage to both your device and the foreign object.


Even though Qi certification guarantees compatibility, it doesn't guarantee the quality of materials used, the product's overall lifespan, or user safety. Thus, choose a wireless charger with a good warranty to protect your smartphone and yourself.

Magnetic Wireless Power Banks

For iPhone 12 and later models, and Apple Watches, consider purchasing a magnetic wireless power bank. These provide a secure connection while still ensuring efficient charging.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, when purchasing a wireless power bank, there are a few things you'll want to think about on a technical level to ensure you're spending your money in the right place.

Sure, you could opt for the first power bank you come across, but you'll find you get a much better and more reliable experience when you actually invest in a decent device.

For more insight, check out the Veger store and discover some of the best state-of-the-art power banks available today!