Why choose VEGER

1 VEGER Supply Chain

VEGER focus on power bank supply chain, customize battery from China largest manufacturer of lithium polymer battery(Lishen,Sail ), The PCB Manufacturer and shell mould supplier could provide 60,000 PCS materials per day.

why choose veger

2 VEGER Technology

All of VEGER power banks adopt the technology : thinner and the safety lithium polymer battery, multiple protection, high performance charge and booster circuit board.

why choose veger

3 VEGER Manufacturer

VEGER Manufacturer have a factory building in Shenzhen China. The factory certified under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard´╝î We could design´╝îmake,packing,shipping the products.Monthly capacity >500,000PCS.

why choose veger

4 VEGER Product

Listen to customer feedback on the market, according to market demand, sales leading the trend , products have formed series.

why choose veger

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