Mini Powerbank

Mini Powerbank

Small size, super powerful

Portable Charger

Portable Charger

5000mAh mini power bank battery pack, PD 20W fast charging

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Portable mobile phone charger turns off automatically when a short circuit or overload occurs. Veger power bank protects you and your devices.

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Seen Through a Lens

I really like some of the designs of the power bank, especially the very large capacity and the integration of all the functions, which is really cool.

Lo Knows Tech

The mini portable power bank is really convenient. Whether you use it daily, go out to play, or travel, it can always help me in a timely manner.

Mateusz Krawczyk

Veger always creates and designs some new products, which are really great and have a good experience, especially the wireless magnetic power bank, which is very practical.

Mitchell Millennial

All product designs are very good, there are many product series, very good quality.

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