What Does the Future & Dynamic Evolution of Wireless Charging Technology Hold?

Uncover the dynamic evolution of wireless charging technology. From its current state to its future, explore how this technology will transform how we power up our devices.

Wireless charging technology is taking over, and it’s coming into the present day fast.

Despite being invented over a century ago, (it was actually invented by Tesla himself), it's only now starting to take center stage as a viable idea that can reach the masses in a sustainable, convenient way.

However, this is only the beginning, and very soon, we could see wireless charging powering everything in our daily lives, from our smartphones and tablets to our household appliances and cars.

And so many more opportunities await.

Let's explore more.

The Current State of Wireless Charging

Valued at $6.51 billion back in 2018 and expected to skyrocket to $40.24 billion by 2027, there's little doubt that the wireless charging industry is taking off.

That's quite a jump, but it's hardly surprising, given the technology's potential.

Think of where you've seen wireless charging already. Perhaps with Apple and Samsung phones, where you rest your device on a pad and wait a couple of hours, but now think about what it could lead to.

Imagine being out in public and being able to charge your smartphone just by placing it on your restaurant table. Or on the dashboard of your car. Or your desk at school?

What about the same for VR headsets or computers and laptops in coworking spaces?

As the technology for wireless charging continues its rapid evolution, so does it unlock the potential for how it can be used.

So, how does it all work? Let's delve into the details.

Three Types of Wireless Charging Technologies

Wireless charging isn't a one-size-fits-all technology. There are actually three different types, each suited to specific devices and power needs.

1. Radio Charging
This is the 'little engine that could' of the wireless charging world. It uses tiny batteries and consumes a minimal amount of electricity. It's perfect for smaller devices like your wireless mouse, medical equipment, and even your wristwatch.

2. Inductive or Near Field Charging
Taking a step up, we have inductive charging. This method creates a magnetic field between two wound-up coils, one in the charging station and the other in your device. It's a perfect fit for mid-sized devices like smartphones and smart wearables.

3. Resonance Charging
Finally, we have the 'big daddy' of wireless charging - resonance charging.

This technique is used for devices that need a hefty power supply, like laptops, electric vehicles, and even your vacuum cleaner. It's similar to inductive charging but works over short distances.

The Standards of Wireless Charging

In the realm of wireless charging, we also have several standards. Think of them like the rules of the road, ensuring that everything works seamlessly. The three major standards are Qi, Ki cordless kitchen, and SAE.

Qi Standard
This is the most common standard used in devices like smartphones. Major brands like Samsung, Apple, Sony, and more adhere to this standard. It's also used in phone chargers, laptops, and speakers.

Ki Cordless Kitchen Standard
Launched in 2019, this standard concerns cordless kitchen appliances that need up to 2.2kW of electricity, such as kettles, juicers, and more.

SAE Standard
Finally, we have the SAE standard developed for electric cars. This standard employs resonant inductive coupling and has proven highly efficient.

The Perks of Going Wireless

Why the excitement about wireless charging?

Well, it's more than just the cool factor. It's a secure, reliable, and convenient way to power and charge electrical devices. It reduces cable clutter, minimizes electrical failures, and lessens device overheating.

Plus, it has universal compatibility with any and all electrical devices. When you couple this with wireless payments and Wi-Fi, it’s clear that everything is going to get a lot more portable, and a lot quicker than it already is.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Wireless Charging

As we venture further into the 21st century, the proliferation of wireless charging technology seems inevitable. Imagine homes with built-in charging pads and devices inherently designed for wireless charging.

Sounds futuristic, right?

But we're already seeing the beginnings of this revolution, and multiple companies are at the forefront, creating innovative wireless charging solutions for a myriad of devices.

There are even reports of new wireless tech that can charge devices from over 100 feet away, and that could unlock the door to a whole new range of opportunities.

While we don't know what the future holds, we're certainly excited to see what happens and where it leads. Sure, it will come with problems of some kind. Every technology does.

But when the tech is refined, and it's accessible to all, it will surely change the world forever.


In a world where we're more connected than ever, the ability to keep our devices powered up without the hassle of cables is a game-changer. The future of wireless charging technology is undoubtedly bright and, dare we say, electrifying!

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