Are Cheap Power Banks Really That Different from Expensive Ones?

When looking for a power bank, you’ll find a lot of range regarding available products. At the lower end of the market, you can find cheap, affordable power banks that won’t even break the $20 mark.

On the other hand, there are some that are several hundred. What gives? Are they both the same and offer the same experience? If so, maybe you can save a few hundred dollars in the process!

 That’s precisely what we’re looking into today, exploring whether or not a cheap power bank is really that different from a premium line one.

Cheap Power Banks vs. Expensive Power Banks

Yes, to answer the question, cheap power banks are very different from the ones that are typically more expensive. The tech is different, the power banks are made differently, and the overall quality is simply in a different league.

Take the capacity of a power bank, for example.

The higher the price, the more power capacity a power bank will have. If you opt for a small capacity, you’ll only be able to charge a single device at a time, and, depending on the device and if you’re using it, you might not even be able to fully charge once.

 Alternatively, a high-capacity power bank can charge multiple devices or a single device numerous times. 

To break this down, an iPad Pro has a battery of around 10,000mAh, which means you need a power bank with a rated capacity of more than 10,000mAh to charge it once fully. If you opt for a 20,000mAh rated capacity power bank, you’ll be able to charge it twice or two iPad Pros simultaneously.

Ports and Plugs

A very basic power bank, a cheap one, will charge one device with one port. This is an important consideration because some devices have different ports, which means they’re not interchangeable. 

Think about how the Apple and Android ports differ.

When you opt for a premium power bank, many support multiple forms of charger via their many ports and many capabilities. For example, devices need different wattages and voltages, otherwise, you even risk damaging the device you’re charging and the power bank itself.

So, you need to check to make sure the output of the power bank is equal to or higher than the device you’re charging. 

Or, you could get a premium power bank that can simply adapt its output automatically to suit the device you’re charging, whether that’s a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Of course, many devices also offer fast charging, which can reach speeds of 3.0 amps and can reduce charging times by as much as ten hours for larger devices. But, this is only a feature available on premium power banks models.

Security & Protection

On a final note, it’s worth looking at the security features you get with a premium power bank. Many modern devices come with features like device protection. These could be features that include intelligent safeguards that protect devices from overcharging, over-currents, and overheating.

These are features that require a lot of tech and, therefore, simply aren’t available on cheaper models. When you charge your devices without this tech, there’s always going to be a risk of damage.

As you can see, there are some clear differences when it comes to comparing cheap and premium-line power banks, and if you’re looking for the best charging experience, you’re going to want a premium model.

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